2018 Fall League Schedule

Week 1 Schedule

Sept 30

12:00       Glidden vs Kuemper girls

               IKM vs East Sac girls

1:00         OABCIG vs Denison

               Carroll girls vs SCC girls

2:00         SCC boys vs East Sac boys

               Carroll boys vs Team Black 

3:00         SCC boys vs Kuemper boys

October 7

9:30         IKM vs Kuemper girls (Notice time. Because of Youth Conference)

12:00       SCC girls vs Denison

               Carroll girls vs East Sac girls

1:00         Kuemper boys vs Team Black

               Carroll boys vs SCC boys

2:00         OABCIG vs Glidden

3:00         MVAOCOU vs East Sac boys


October 14

12:00       Denison vs Kuemper girls

               East Sac girls vs SCC girls

1:00         East Sac boys vs Kuemper boys

               IKM vs OABCIG

2:00         Glidden vs Carroll girls

               Team Black  vs SCC boys

3:00         MVAOCOU vs Carroll boys

October 21

12:00       IKM vs SCC girls

               Kuemper boys vs SCC boys

1:00         Kuemper girls vs East Sac girls

               Glidden vs Denison

2:00         East Sac boys vs Carroll boys

               OABCIG vs Carroll girls

3:00         Team Black vs MVAOCOU                                                                               

October 28

12:00       Denison vs East Sac girls

               OABCIG vs Kuemper girls

1:00         Carroll girls vs IKM
               SCC girls vs Glidden

2:00         Kuemper boys vs Carroll boys

               East Sac boys vs Team Black

3:00         SCC boys vs MVAOCOU


Schedule subject to change. Check Top64.net weekly!

 All games played at the Carroll Rec Center. (716 N. Grant Rd. Just north of Subway)

  • All teams bring a practice jersey for your uniform.