2018 Fall League info is out. 1st games are on Sept. 30th. 

Info will be sent to individuals and high school coaches by August 17th! if interested in a full team, contact Doug Diers at dougdiers@hotmail.com or 515-450-7302. 


2018 Summer League

Carroll Tournament

Congrats to Denison girls and Carroll High boys on winning the 2018 Summer League Tournament.

Pella Tournament 

Heat (Pella Christian) over the Celtics (Pella)

Pella Christian- 2018 Summer League Champs!


Pella All League

MVP- Trey Shearer

Cole Henry- Cavs (Oskaloosa)

Karl Miller- Bulls (Pella)

Collin Breen- Knicks (Fairfield)

Nathan Blong- Magic (Chariton)

Treyton Sturgeon- Celtics (Pella)

Johnathon Oltman- Celtics (Pella)

Josh Van Gorp- Heat (Pella Christian)

Jake Pringle- Heat (Pella Christian)

Preston Thompson- Bucks (Carlisle)


Carroll All League- GIRLS

MVP- Sarah Heilesen- Lions (Denison)

Ella Collison- Fire (Carroll)

Taylor Mohr- Fire (Carroll)

Alexis Branning- Shock (IKM)

Alexa Ahrenholtz Shock (IKM)

Alex Mohr- Lionis (Denison)

Maty Quirk- Energy (East Sac)

Emilee Danner- Storm (Ar-We-Va)

All League- Boys

MVP- Keegan Simons- Rockets (Ar-We-Va)

Drew Schurke-Rockets (Ar-We-Va)

Mach Nyaw- Warriors (Storm Lake)

Cham Deng- Warriors (Storm Lake)

Ben Brinks- Lakers (Kuemper)

Bryce Coppock- Kings (Newell Fonda)

Colby Vincent-Clippers (Carroll)

Riley Peters- Spurs (Manson)


Contact Doug at dougdiers@hotmail.com or 515-450-7302 if you have any questions.