2019 Summer League Schedule- Carroll

Sunday, May 26

12:00       Lakers v Clippers

               Suns v Rockets

1:05         Kings v Blazers

               Warriors v Thunder

2:10         Shock v Liberty

               Jam v Power

3:15         Sparks v Storm

               Fire v Stars

4:20         Fire v Comets

5:25         Fever v Energy

June 2

  12:00    Warriors v Rockets

Thunder v Kings

    1:05    Clippers v Suns

               Jam v Stars

    2:10    Fire v Liberty

               Storm v Power

    3:15    Energy v Comets

               Blazers v Lakers

    4:20    Lions v Shock

     5:25     Sparks v Fever

   June 9

   12:00      Suns v Kings

              Sparks v Jam

   1:05        Clippers v Blazers

               Comets v Liberty

   2:10        Fire v Shock

               Stars v Storm

   3:15        Energy v Power

Rockets v Thunder

   4:20        Fever v Lions

   5:25        Warriors v Lakers

June 16

 12:00     Fire v Sparks

               Thunder v Clippers

  1:05      Energy v Storm

               Kings v Rockets

   2:10     Liberty v Power

               Comets v Stars

   3:15     Blazers v Warriors

               Fever v Shock

    4:20        Lakers v Suns

     5:25         Lions v Jam

June 23  

12:00    Power v Stars

            Suns v Blazers

1:05     Rockets v Clippers

    Jam v Energy

2:10     Storm v Sparks

          Liberty v Shock

3:15     Kings v Warriors

           Lakers v Thunder

4:20     Fire v Fever

5:25     Comets v Lions

June 30

11:00 Liberty v Fever 

12:00     Warriors v Clippers

               Shock v Sparks

  1:05      Kings v Lakers

               Storm v Jam

  2:10      Stars v Energy


  3:15      Power v Comets

               Blazers v Rockets

  4:20      Thunder v Suns 

  5:25      Fire v Lions

All games played at the Carroll Rec Center (716 N. Grant Rd.)

July 7 - Playoffs   

July 14- Final 4 & Championships

MVP and All-League Teams announced on July 7th